Wahoo Bike Computer Screen Repairs

Select your model of Wahoo Bike Computer

How To Find Out Which Model You Have

By navigating the following steps on your Wahoo bike computer you can find the model name of the Garmin device that you're using:

  1. Select Menu
  2. Select Settings
  3. Select System
  4. Select About

Wahoo Screen Replacement

If your Wahoo bike computer's screen is acting up—whether it's cracked, scratched, or just not cooperating—we've got you covered. Our repair service specialises in getting your Wahoo device back in gear quickly. We know how crucial a clear screen is for tracking your rides accurately and navigating smoothly, so you can count on us to handle your repair with care and expertise. Get in touch, and let's get your Wahoo bike computer back to its best self, hassle-free.

Can You Repair A Broken Screen?

We offer screen replacements for devices that we are able to source quality parts for. By replacing the screen we are able to resolve any issue with your device that is caused by a faulty screen. The following issues can be resolved by a screen replacement: cracked screen, scratched screen, a dim display, faulty touch screen function & often (but not always) a screen that no longer displays anything.

How Long Does A Repair Take?

For devices that we stock parts for, you can expect an average turnaround of 1 week. For devices that we have to order the parts in especially for your repair, an 8-12 working day turnaround can be expected. On the day that we receive your device, you'll receive an inspection email and an electronic invoice. Once you've paid and we have the replacement screen in stock we'll go ahead with your repair & allow the sealant to set for 24 hours. Once the sealant has set, we'll send your device via Royal Mail's tracked and insured postage the next day.

Inspection of your device will be carried out on first working day they arrive with us & you'll receive email confirmation

Your device will be repaired & posted back via next day delivery - tracked, insured & with a delivery time slot

How it works


Place an order for a screen replacement through our website


Send your device to us with the information you receive in your order confirmation email


Receive a confirmation email on the day that we receive your device 


Wait for us to complete the repair of your device


Receive your repaired device via Tracked & Insured delivery