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Screen repairs from within a 1 week turnaround

Choose from a 1 or 3 week turnaround when you make your order

Do you swim in your device?

If you use your device whilst swimming then I'm afraid a repair or a refurbished device is probably not the best solution for you. Once your device receives any sort of physical damage or need parts replacing, the original water seal is compromised.

Although we create a new waterproof barrier when we reseal the device, we recommend keeping your device away from water as much as possible after repair. Some repair services won't be this honest with you but we don't just aim to provide a short term solution with our repair service.


Discount for multiple devices

If you have multiple devices with screen issues then we'll discount the cost of the individual repair prices. All of this will be communicated to you quickly and clearly, as we update you through the process from the quotation, the inspection and to when they've been repaired and posted.

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Screen repair prices

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What issues can a screen replacement fix?

The most common issues resolved by a screen replacement:

A scratched or cracked screen

A dim display on your screen

A screen that no longer displays anything

Faulty touch screen function

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Which screens screens do we complete?

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Repairs from as little as £50

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