Fitbit Sense 2 Screen Replacement


If you have a cracked screen, dim screen, no display or unresponsive screen.


How Our Screen Replacement Service Works

  1. Once you’ve placed your order for our screen replacement service, you’ll receive an email from us with details on how to send your device to us.
  2. On the day that we receive your device, we’ll complete an external inspection and email you to confirm that we’ve received the device & the repair service process is under way.
  3. You can then expect to receive your device back in the allotted time depending on whether you’ve opted for the 1 or 3 week service.

Why Is There A Difference In Cost Between 1 & 3 Week Service?

We don’t keep stock for all of the devices that we offer a repair service for so if you’d like a 1 week turnaround on one of these devices where we don’t stock the screen, the cost of ordering & shipping a quantity of 1 has an increased cost price. If you are happy to wait a little bit longer then we will order your part in our regular bulk orders & we can offer you the most competitive price available.

Why Is Only The 1 Week Service Available?

If only the 1 week turnaround service available then you’re in luck – your device screen replacement is for a product that we continuously stock for. This means that you get both the best competitive pricing available & a fast turnaround.

Does My Order Include Postage?

Your screen replacement service order includes the £5 return postage cost – this is via Royal Mail and your parcel will be tracked, insured & will provide you with a delivery time slot. You are responsible for sending your device to us – once you’ve placed your order, you will receive a unique repair reference number and instructions on what method is best to send your device to us.

Is it worth repairing my Fitbit Sense 2?

Thinner and lighter, the Sense 2 has been redesigned to feel more at home on your body, 24/7. The button, which was last featured on Versa 2, is back – with a new location that’s easier to access during your workout. The Sense 2 is part of the latest generation of Fitbit & sits at the top of the pile of what Fitbit has to offer. Released in late 2022 for £270 – this repair is probably the best value repair that we offer at roughly 25% of retail price.