How To Repair Fitbit Charge 3


The first step to this repair is to firstly remove the straps. This is done by pressing the clips on the strap holder found on the underside of the straps.


Remove the strap holders by unscrewing the two screws attaching each holder to the housing.


When you pull the strap holder away from the device you realise there are two separate parts. You will first be removing the larger plastic piece, being mindful that the smaller plastic piece is holding in a small spring which you will need when you put the device back together.


The smaller plastic piece and spring is located centrally and slides off the housing.
Fitbit Charge 3 Screen Replacement Tutorial Breakdown


Once the strap holders on both side are off, it's now time to remove the screen. You must apply enough heat to loosen the adhesive that's holding the screen on to the housing. We suggest first targeting the side opposite to the Fitbit logo.
Fitbit Charge 3 Screen Replacement Tutorial Breakdown


Once you've heated up the one side you should be able to pry under the screen.
Fitbit Charge 3 Screen Replacement Tutorial Breakdown


You will then need to heat up the two sides next to where you've already gotten into so that you can then pry the screen up and away from the housing.
Fitbit Charge 3 Screen Replacement Tutorial Breakdown


Remove the battery which is stuck down to the metal shield by prying away from the shield and simply pulling the ribbon away from the motherboard which is attached through a gap in the metal shield.
Fitbit Charge 3 Screen Replacement Tutorial Breakdown


The motherboard is held in by 3 screws in which you must now remove to get to the motherboard.
Fitbit Charge 3 Screen Replacement Tutorial Breakdown


Pry up the metal shield and you'll find the motherboard with ribbons still attaching the screen, the charging port and the vibrator. For you this repair you only need to pry up the two ribbons attaching the screen.
Fitbit Charge 3 Screen Replacement Tutorial Breakdown


Once you've removed the screen, you can follow the process you've just carried out in reverse.


Attach your replacement Fitbit Charge 3 screen by applying pressure to two ribbons in order to connect them to the board.


Insert the metal shield and screw in it's three screws, the two smaller screws go in the same side whereas the large screw goes in the side with one screw hole.


You can now attach your battery by slipping it to the motherboard through the gap in the metal shield. The battery will sit on top of the shield and if your battery has life in it, your new Fitbit display will now turn on.


You must then glue down your new Fitbit Charge 3 screen to it's housing. For this you'll need a fit for purpose adhesive. We use this T-8000 adhesive which you can either find online or purchase from us.
Fitbit Charge 3 Screen Replacement Tutorial Breakdown


To secure your screen down you will need to leave it to set for the next 24 hours. We recommend using elastic bands or a small vice, both work just as well as each other.
Fitbit Charge 3 Screen Replacement Tutorial Breakdown


You can now reattach your strap holders and straps. Slide the smaller plastic piece onto the housing and insert the spring into its position. Fit the larger piece over the top and secure it on to the housing with its two screws. You can now attach your strap.
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And your Fitbit Charge 3 repair is complete!

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Fitbit Charge 3 Screen Repair Tutorial

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