Garmin 920xt Screen Replacement

If you have a cracked screen, dim screen, no display or unresponsive screen.

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Is it worth repairing my Garmin 920xt?

The Garmin 920xt was released for 2014 for £390. This Garmin was a pioneer in the triathlete world when it was released and will forever be known as a classic. If you don't mind about not having all the latest features then we'd suggest repairing your 920xt & rocking this classic for a little while longer. At 20% of the it's retail price, a repair is a great solution for your broken Garmin.

Cracked Screen

If you have a cracked screen, scratched screen, dim screen, faulty touch screen & in most cases when you have a screen with no display then a screen replacement will resolve the issues that you're experiencing with your smartwatch.

How Much Does A Repair Cost?

Screen replacements start from £35 but will vary greatly depending on which depending on which device you have. The majority of repairs will cost in the region of £65 – you'll find that Fitbit repairs & Garmin repairs will be around this price point whereas with Samsung & Apple, the cost can go north of £100.

How Long Does A Repair Take?

You can expect an average turnaround of 1 week. On the day that we receive your device, you'll receive an inspection email and an electronic invoice. Once you've paid, we'll go ahead with your repair & allow the sealant to set for 24 hours. Once the sealant has set, we'll send your device via DPD next day delivery & you'll receive it the following day.

Inspection of your device will be carried out on first working day they arrive with us & you'll receive email confirmation

Your device will be repaired & posted back via next day delivery - tracked, insured & with a delivery time slot

How it works


Place an order for a screen replacement through our website


Send your device to us with the information you receive in your order confirmation email


Receive a confirmation email on the day that we receive your device 


Wait for us to complete the repair of your device


Receive your repaired device via Tracked & Insured delivery

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